As the original VCA Framework gained traction across programs, we heard a call from conservation practitioners for simple, common, adaptable, and feasible guidance to monitor outcomes generated by implementing the VCA Framework. Given the framework’s focus on socially oriented strategies informed by the people/nature connection, and backed by mounting evidence, this guidance places emphasis on tracking indicators of human well-being in addition to the environment. The guidance is intended to explicitly link to TNC’s Shared Conservation Agenda (SCA) and Conservation by Design 2.0, and help programs adopting the VCA Framework provide information to monitor their progress on human well-being and environmental outcomes to inform TNC’s broader efforts.

Additionally, a self-paced online training curriculum on VCA Framework Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) is available on, which covers MEL plan development​; ethics, human rights, and equity in MEL​; focus group and key informant interview design; social survey design; data collection tools and implementation; data management systems and processes; and data visualization and communication. For access to the training curriculum, contact