“The Voice, Choice, and Action (VCA) Framework: A Conservation Practitioner’s Guide to Indigenous and Community-led Conservation, Version 2.0” builds on the core foundation of Version 1.0 (2017). It was developed in respect and support of Indigenous Peoples and local communities around the world. The authors and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) acknowledge the traditional owners, custodians, and stewards of the lands and waters that this VCA Framework intends to support, and those whose traditional territories the geographically dispersed authors have encompassed while writing this report.

Version 1.0 (2017) edited and curated by Nicole R. DeMello and Erin Myers Madeira. Input, expertise, peer review, provision and vetting of tools and resources, and provision of case studies by Matt Brown, Laurel Chun, Rane Cortez, Eric Delvin, James Fitzsimmons, Herlina Hartanto, David Hinchley, Andrew Ingles, Allison Martin, Patricia Mupeta-Muyamwa, Luke Preece, Helcio Souza, and Heather Wishik. Copy-edited by Claire Peters. Designed by Epstein Creative.

Suggestion citation: The Nature Conservancy (2017). Strong Voices, Active Choices: TNC’s Practitioner Framework to Strengthen Outcomes for People and Nature, Version 1.0. Arlington, VA.

Version 2.0 (2022) edited and curated by Nicole R. DeMello. Core writing team—Nicole R. DeMello, Brandie Farris, Lisa Ferguson, Shiteng Kang (康诗腾), Allison Martin, Yuta J. Masuda, Jessica Musengezi, Luke Preece, and Chrissy Schwinn. Desk research by Carol Bogezi, Nicole R. DeMello, Caitlin Doughty, Brandie Fariss, Christina Oraftik, Luke Preece, and Geoffrey Whittle-Walls. Contributions to case studies by Colin Apse, Javkhlan Ariunbaatar, Gankhuyag Balbar, Eduardo Barnes, Andrea Akalleq Burgess, Julie A. Damon, Gala Davaa, Eric Delvin, Meghan Gombos, Celene Hawkins, Robert Jones, Luciana Lima, Peter Limbu, Philipo Lukumay, George Maina, Alphonce Mallya, Yedityah Mella, IFPRI, and EcoAdvisors. Copy-edited by Claire Peters. Design managed by Macarena Soto Olivares and completed by Agency MABU.

Suggestion citation: The Nature Conservancy (2022). The Voice, Choice, and Action Framework: A Conservation Practitioner’s Guide to Indigenous and Community-Led Conservation, Version 2.0. Arlington, VA.

We would like to thank the following people for their guidance and contributions:

Advisory Team who provided guidance, review, and edits to drafts—Allison Aldous, Rane Cortez, Erin Myers Madeira, Andrea Akalleq Burgess, and Chrissy Schwinn. Working Group who provided ideas, feedback, examples, review, and inputs—Awaludinnoer, Javkhlan Ariunbaatar, Fernando Bittencourt, Rony Brodsky, Corissa Busse, Jaime Camacho, Eric Delvin, Rynal Fadli, Natalio Godoy, Berna Gorong, Celene Hawkins, A. Kusworo, Caroline Lumosi, George
Maina, Patricia Mupeta-Muyamwa, Alexis Nakandakari, Crystal Nelson, Karen Oliveira, Felipe Torres, Francisco Torres, and Sherie Simms.

Indigenous and Local Community Partners who engaged in dialogue to provide their perspectives and inputs to ground-truth and strengthen the VCA Framework—Leah Armstrong, Nikoosh Carlo, tish carr, Kristian Thebu, Darren Ranco, and Chrissy Warren.

Members of the TNC Native Network who engaged in listening sessions to provide their perspectives and inputs to ground-truth and strengthen the VCA Framework—Marshall Birch, Faith Cherop, Amy Croover, Caroline Gitari, Sam Gon, Kristina Jenkins, Nohealani Ka’awa, Ericka Moussavou, Crystal Nelson, Cheryl Martinez Thibodeau, Peter Van Kampen, Tracey Williams, and Ulalia Woodside.

Generous funding for the VCA Framework 2.0 was provided by an anonymous donor.