The Conservation Finance Alliance’s (CFA’s) Conservation Finance Guide offers detailed definitions of conservation finance mechanisms; detailed guidance on how to implement specific finance mechanisms, including strategic planning worksheet tools, feasibility assessment worksheet tools, financial mechanism design worksheet tools, and resource valuation information; case studies; and business planning guides, templates, and repositories. CFA’s tools should be used in conjunction with the VCA Framework and TNC’s Human Rights Guide

A number of enabling conditions as well as strategy and design features are key to effective Indigenous Peoples and local communities conservation finance. By producing responses to each item in the checklist, practitioners can use this tool to assess the presence of these key enabling conditions and features for effective financing. In turn this can support efforts to assess viability of financing opportunities, inform the design of financial strategies and mechanisms, and determine priorities to support appropriate capacity-building activities in partnership with Indigenous Peoples and local communities. This tool should be used in discussion and collaboration with the community, or its representative institutions, and relevant experts.